Creator Console" Version 2

We're bringing new and improved functionality to the future "Creator Console" Version 2 to empower blockchain creators. Creators will be able to easily verify their identity, set up contracts, create


In Creator Console v2, there are two ways to log in:

  1. Wallet Address: You can use your wallet address to get in without dealing with tricky logins.

  2. Email/Gmail & Social: Or, you can pick using your email or social media accounts to log in. It's more flexible and easy that way.

Contract Deployment

Now, with Creator Console v2, you can put contracts out there without needing to be a coding expert. You can do this on many different chains. The important things are:

  1. Testing and Real Deals: You can try your contracts on test runs to check and fix things, and then easily switch to the real deal.

  2. Make It Yours: You can give your contracts names, descriptions, and pictures that suit what you're doing.

  3. Different Types: There are different kinds of contracts to pick from, depending on what you want to do. Like for special items or groups including ERC-721, ERC-1155, NFT | ERC 721A, and NFT | DAO (Custom Order), catering to different use cases and functionalities.

Mint NFTs

In Creator Console v2, making NFTs is simple and flexible. You can create NFTs on different chains easily. Key features are:

  1. Single & Batch Minting: Users can mint individual NFTs or create multiple NFTs in batches, streamlining the minting process.

  2. Establish Royalty: Creators can establish royalty rates for their NFTs, securing a cut of future sales.

  3. Air Drop: Users can airdrop their NFTs to a specified group of receivers, encouraging community interaction.

  4. NFT Transfer & Ownership Transfer: Creators can easily transfer their NFTs to other users or sell them in the marketplace.

  5. Delayed reveal: A delayed reveal method hides crucial information or features of an NFT and makes them visible at a later time, adding interest and strategy to auctions and games. During the concealed phase, participants enter blind bids, and the true value of the NFT is revealed during the set reveal period.

Distribution of NFTs

You can now easily share and list your NFTs on different platforms. Highlights: a. One-Click Listings: List NFTs on known places like Opensea, Rarible, Blur, Looks-Rare, and X2Y2 with just a click, reaching more people.

  • Centralized Management: Handle all NFT listings from one dashboard, making it easy for creators.

User Profile

In Creator Console v2, creators can make and customise their profiles. Highlights:

  1. Editable Profile Info: Add username, name, email, multiple wallet addresses, and social links for easy connection.

  2. Payment Info: Make transactions clear by including payment details in profiles, helping with smooth payments.

NFT Page

Every creator will have their own NFT page where followers and users may learn about and buy their NFTs. This personalised NFT page will raise the creator's profile and increase user engagement.

API Dashboard

In the new Creator Console v2, we bring you the API Dashboard. It's like a control centre for developers and businesses. Here's what you'll find:

  • Developer Registration : Developers and businesses can sign up on the API Dashboard. This gives them access to all the various tools offered by the Creator Console.

  • API Key Management : Once they're in, developers get special keys called API keys. It's like a secret code that lets them use the tools safely. They can also manage and watch over these keys on the Dashboard

  • API Documentation: Each API has detailed documentation that provides clear guidance on how to integrate and use them effectively.

  • Usage information: The API Dashboard offers useful usage information, such as API call volume, response times, and other vital parameters, to help developers and companies optimise their applications.

  • Rate Limiting: Rate limiting measures are applied to preserve system stability and security, assuring fair usage and preventing API abuse.

  • Versioning and updates : They are managed by the API Dashboard, allowing developers to adopt new features or enhancements at their own speed. They can stay up to date on updates by using changelogs and notifications.

  • Developer Support: Dedicated developer support channels, such as email support and developer forums, are accessible, assuring rapid assistance for any API-related issues.

  • Developer Support: Dedicated developer support channels, such as email support and developer forums, are available to ensure rapid assistance with any API-related concerns or issues.

API Access for Developers and Enterprises

We give artists the option of sharing their content and data via APIs, allowing for seamless integration with other programmers, services, or platforms. API access key characteristics include:

  • API Permission Control: API creators can offer granular rights to their APIs, providing access to specified data or functionality while protecting sensitive information.

  • Monetization Options: Developers can monetize API access by introducing usage-based pricing models or subscription plans.

  • Data Security and Encryption: API data and user interactions are protected by robust data security methods such as encryption and safe authentication protocols.

  • API Analytics: Through analytics tools, creators can measure API usage, offering vital insights into API performance and user engagement.

  • Enterprise Collaboration: For enterprise-level partnerships, Creators can negotiate customised API access agreements that are tailored to the specific requirements of partner organizations.

  • Developer Community: Creators have the chance to drive innovation and collaborative content creation by creating a strong developer community around their APIs.

The improved capabilities in Creator Console v2 promote improved collaboration between creators, developers, and businesses. This fosters a vibrant environment for information exchange, seamless integration, and collaborative advancement

Notably, our product boasts multi-chain functionality, seamlessly integrating with various DApps, Metaverses, and Marketplaces, thus ensuring high interoperability in an era dominated by isolated models.

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