8. Creator Console

Creator Console is our flagship product, built with the CREATE PROTOCOL. This cutting-edge application functions as a central, saving time for creators and owners of creative content.

  • It effortlessly launches powerful contracts owned by users through simple, pre-designed templates by easing the process.

  • Furthermore, it enables creators to conveniently manage and disseminate both new and current creations across various DApps like Marketplaces, NFT-finance platforms, games, and metaverses.

This strategic strategy seeks to maximize earnings while also broadening the audience reach.

At the core of our ethos lies the concept of Creator Independence, underpinned by our No-code platform, robust Distribution Network, and astute marketing techniques. Our business model operates under the friendly "Create To Earn" principle, fostering fairness for all creators involved.

We're bringing new and improved functionality to the future "Creator Console" Version 2 to empower blockchain creators. Creators will be able to easily verify their identity, set up contracts, create NFTs, share their work, create user profiles, and personalize NFT pages with this version. Here are some of the key features:

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