Following are the major barriers to transitioning to Web 3.0 Complex User Experience in Web3.0:

  1. Complex User Experience in Web3.0: Difficulty navigating and utilizing features in the advanced online environment.

  2. Uncertain Monetization Paths: Confusion surrounding revenue generation strategies in Web3.0 ventures.

  3. Intellectual Property Challenges in Web2.0 Sales: Selling digital assets faces hurdles due to limited demand in Web2.0.

  4. Limited Transparency & Risk of IP Violation: Lack of clarity and potential infringement concerns when sharing intellectual property.

  5. Overall Platform Clutter: Platform contains overwhelming disorganised elements, hindering navigation.

  6. Lack of Understanding: Many users struggle to comprehend platform subtleties due to diverse features and vocabulary.

  7. Inconsistency in Platform Performance: Fluctuating platform performance and functionality lead to inefficiency and dissatisfaction.

  8. Non-Creator Friendly UI/UX: User interface and experience aren't conducive to content creators, impacting effective presentation.

  9. No Last Mile Help: Users lack sufficient support in the final platform stages, resulting in confusion and incomplete tasks.

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