11. Create Protocol Token

Create Protocol Token serves as the native token within the Create Protocol ecosystem. It's designed to fuel the Create-To-Earn economic model. The primary role of the token revolves around ecosystem

The beneficiaries of the Create-To-Earn Economy include:

  • Creators, artists, and collectives- Creators of various genres, be it artists, musicians, writers, or other content producers, become pivotal beneficiaries. The Create-To-Earn Economy empowers them by providing new avenues for monetizing their artistic endeavours. This paradigm shift ensures that creators receive fair compensation for their contributions and creativity, fostering a more sustainable and rewarding environment.

  • Investors and seeders- Investors and early supporters play an integral role in the ecosystem's growth. By participating in the Create-To-Earn Economy, they not only contribute to the expansion of the platform but also reap the benefits of its success. Through investment and seeding, they engage in a mutually beneficial relationship, fostering innovation and reaping financial rewards.

  • Users and collectors- Users and collectors gain enhanced access to a thriving ecosystem of creative content. They have the opportunity to engage with a wide array of digital assets, ranging from art and music to unique collectibles. This engagement adds value to their experiences, whether through owning exclusive NFTs or participating in dynamic interactions with creators and their content.

In shaping the token economy that underpins the Create Protocol ecosystem, several fundamental questions emerge, each critical to achieving a sustainable and equitable framework:

  • Why is the token necessary?

The token serves as the linchpin of the Create Protocol ecosystem, providing the means for seamless transactions, governance, and value exchange. It creates a unified currency that transcends geographical barriers and facilitates frictionless interactions, enabling creators, investors, and users to engage effortlessly while maintaining the integrity of the ecosystem.

  • What motivates people to acquire and hold the token?

The motivation to acquire and hold the token stems from the dynamic incentives embedded within the Create-To-Earn Economy. Token holders are not merely passive participants; they are key stakeholders who contribute to the growth of the ecosystem. Holding tokens offers various benefits, including participation in governance decisions, potential returns from ecosystem growth, and access to exclusive features and assets.

  • How can we establish a decentralized C.PToken economy, granting creators and creative economy stakeholders ownership of C.P Token?

Creating a decentralized Create Protocol Token economy involves granting creators and creative economy stakeholders ownership of Create Protocol Token, fostering a sense of community and shared responsibility. This is achieved through transparent governance structures that enable active participation in shaping the ecosystem's trajectory. By ensuring that decision-making power is distributed among stakeholders, a sense of ownership and empowerment is cultivated, aligning their interests with the long-term success of the ecosystem.

In pursuit of answers to these questions, we've extensively examined numerous token models. Our goal is to construct a robust framework that's:

  • Decentralized

  • Rewards ecosystem participants for actions that enhance the Create Protocol brand and ecosystem growth

  • Encourages token holders to retain their holdings by providing incentives

  • Appealing to the crypto market and traders, fostering liquidity attraction.


A web 3 investor puts in 10 ETH into the Create Protocol Treasury. Simultaneously, another 10 ETH is invested in a creator's project or protocol. As a result, this investment generates a substantial 80 ETH in earnings.

Now, here's the breakdown of what happens next:

  • 75% of the revenue, which amounts to 60 ETH, is allocated to the creator based on the terms of the contract.

  • The creator, along with project collaborators, ends up with a total of 60 ETH in earnings.

  • The Treasury receives back 20 ETH, resulting in a return of ETH on the initial 10 ETH investment.

Here's where the innovative part comes in:

  • The governance of the Treasury is in the hands of Create token holders. This governance structure enables rewards to fund public goods and activities that contribute to both generating returns and fostering the growth of the Create brand. This strategy ultimately benefits the ecosystem stakeholders, leading to an increase in token value and the overall value of the Treasury.

  • Not only creators and projects benefit from this system, but users can also earn Create token rewards.

  • In this scenario, the creators who earned 60 ETH have the option to reinvest this amount back into the Create Treasury. This reinvestment allows them to earn rewards from the Treasury and participate in the governance process.

  • In this way, the Create Protocol establishes a symbiotic relationship between creators, investors, users, and the governance of the ecosystem, fostering a cycle of growth and value appreciation for all stakeholders involved.

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